HTC One Smartphone Series Touts Sense 4.0, Amazing Camera

Looking back at last year, HTC found their smartphone offerings to be a little too diffuse and confusing (which, to be fair, describes just about every smartphone producer not named Apple). To fix that, HTC is rolling out the One line of smartphones for 2012. Aptly named, it will be the one line of HTC smartphones for this year, and it only includes three offerings. Simpler, indeed.

The line includes the HTC One X, One S, and One V, going from high-end to mid-tier. All three phones will have a lot in common. For starters, all three will be Ice Cream Sandwich phones. HTC Sense 4.0, HTC’s native UI, will also be integrated, which will bring improvements to camera and audio performance.

ImageSense is one new addition coming in Sense 4.0, which features several camera-friendly features. Capture speeds have been improved to 0.7 seconds, with auto-focus clocking in at 0.2 seconds, allowing for rapid-fire shots by holding down the capture button. Additionally, the One X and One S will feature an f/2.0 lens that promises to capture more light than other high-end smartphones, which is terrific considering how abysmal smartphone cameras usually are at taking night pictures. Thanks to software upgrades, users can now snap stills while recording video. There is also Dropbox integration, which helps with cloud storage and also gives One users a nice little bonus 25 GB of storage free on Dropbox for two years. The One phones will also come with a little HDMI dongle called the Media Link HD, which will allow for quick sharing on any HDMI-enabled television – great for parties and impromptu need-to-embarrass-the-kids moments.

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The audio is bolstered by Beats By Dre Audio integration. Music management is made a little easier with HTC Sync Manager, which can be installed onto your computer for easy syncing with your shiny new One phone. The HTC Car Stereo Clip allows for streaming of Internet radio stations in the car, and also allows you to stream your own music while on the road through your car’s speakers.

The HTC One X will be the flagship phone of the series, but that doesn’t mean the other two phones are slouches. The HTC One S is an impressive phone in its own right, running on a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The display is 4.3”, and is encased in a unibody design that is 7.9 mm thick. The display is built to last, made of contoured Corning Gorilla Glass. The finish on the phone comes courtesy of a special oxidization technique that creates a dense, ceramic, crystalline structure that is made to look good and keep on looking good well into the future. The HTC One V has similar features, but is toned down at aimed more at the entry-level crowd, with a 3.7” display.

All HTC One phones will be available in April. Specific pricing details as of now are unknown. The HTC One S will be a T-Mobile exclusive in the United States, and will be compatible with their 42 Mbps HSPA+ network.


Chance Kinney contributed to this report.

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