iBuKu Pets are Huggable Cases for iPhone and iPod Touch

iPhones and iPod Touches can offer children (and adults) unlimited, safe, and educational entertainment. There is really no age barrier to being able to use an iPhone or iPod Touch. Even one year olds have been known to take advantage of some of the simpler apps. Here inlays the fundamental problem: young children are accident-prone. That os where iBukuPets comes to the rescue. The iBuku pets are all-encompassing huggable cases.

iBuku Pets are too big to lose and too protective to break. They’re the ideal solution to letting young children play with iPhones and iPod Touches. They’re soft and adorable. They’re made out of a soft and safe foam (no PVC, BPA, or phthalate) and it fits iPod Touch, iPhone 3G/3GS, and 4/4S.

One of the greatest uses for the iBuku Pet is keeping it on the nightstand. The iBuku is an iPhone/iPod stand so it can easily transform into a bed-side alarm clock, night light, photo album, or video player. iOS products have good parental controls so parents need not worry what kind of trouble their children can get into.

Unfortunately, there’s no release date or price for iBuku Pets yet. Upon release, it will be available in a few different fun designs and colors. The designs are neat enough that they could appeal to people of all ages (that’s my way of saying I want one!). There will be a version that offers wireless charging for the iBuKu pet just by standing it on the inductive base stand. This is great for the iOS devices with bad or shot batteries. For more information see iBukuPets.com

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