iDroid On a Mission to Conquer the Toy World

The Terminator of the toy world is upon us. The iDroid is a toy robot that can bust things up in a number of ways, but the coolest part is that the remote control is any iOS or Android device you happen to have on hand. Using the free app tied to the iDroid, users can make the robot move different body parts at different speeds, walk around, fire missiles (one at a time or all at once), and move around and use the gripper claw. You can even recreate your favorite action movies by recording the moves and actions of the iDroid while you’re controlling it.

The iDroid is available now for $249, and comes with the iDroid, left hand missile launcher, right hand gripping claw, power pack, battery compartment (requires six AA batteries), and six toy missiles. The accompanying app is free and available on the iTunes App Store and Android Market.

It’s a pretty intriguing toy, partly because it’s app controlled, and partly because that robot just looks like it means business. That’s good – for $250, the iDroid had better conquer every other toy in the house hands down.