You Need to Go to IHOP Today – It’s National Pancake Day!

We might be in another country covering mobility but that doesn’t mean we have forgotten Pancake Day! As if celebrating the flapjack – one of the world’s finest breakfast foods – wasn’t enough by itself, consider this: everyone that heads over to IHOP today will be rewarded with a short stack of pancakes for free for National Pancake Day. Good luck, though. By taking the entirely scientific sample size of that one IHOP near where I used to live, those places get pretty crowded as it is. If you go, try not to get pancaked yourself.

Better yet, you can get food for your heart while stuffing your stomach. National Pancake Day was kicked off by IHOP in 2006 as a way to celebrate the noble pancake and raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Patrons are encouraged to make a donation to the charity while enjoying their free pancakes, a plea that has seen great success in the past. National Pancake Day 2011 exceeded expectations by raising $2.5 million while IHOPs across the nation served up about four million buttermilk pancakes for free. Stacked together, that would be a 16 mile high tower of pancakes.

This year, IHOP is aiming to raise $2.7 million. You can help them out all day today, and enjoy some sweet buttermilk pancakes at the same time. And, I’m pretty sure they won’t mind (or notice) if you come back more than once. Just send some money the kids’ way first.

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