The Instagram Poster is Nothing Short of Awesome

It’s a shame that it’s a little too late to give one as an inspired Valentine’s Day gift, but look at it this way – for the right person, the gift of Instagram will be good all year long. These Instagram posters combine all of your (or someone else’s) Instagram photos into one retro-tinged collage of awesome.Just hop over to Firebox and hit the buy button – don’t worry, you don’t actually need to plunk down cash before you see what the finished product will look like. You’ll first enter your, or someone special’s, account name. Firebox retrieves all the public photos tied to that account, which you can sift through to pick out the winners.

The posters are all 61 cm (about 2 ft) wide, but they can be as long as 1.5 meters (about 5 ft). After that, you can still add pictures, but the size of the pictures will shrink. The posters come with either black or white backgrounds, and cost the same – £24.99 (about $40) – regardless of the size of the finished poster. And, if you’re not into the whole retro thing, you can opt to grab a good old (new?) fashioned Facebook friend photo poster, instead.


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