iPad App of the Week: Color Splash Spices Up Your Pictures Via Addition By Subtraction

If I told you there was a new photo editing app that actually brought something new, or at least uncommon, to the table, I wouldn’t blame you for being skeptical. But, Color Splash does have a pretty interesting take on the photo editing app, by giving you an easy way to turn color photos into partially black and white, partially colored photos. By using your finger as a paintbrush, you can convert sections of your photos into black and white. That might seem like an inaccurate, imprecise method, but you can always undo any mistakes, and you can zoom in to great detail, giving you almost pixel-by-pixel control of what parts of the photo get converted.

The process might take a lot of time if you really want to get a cool, black-and-white and color juxtaposition effect, but it’ll probably be worth it if you’re a fan of this style.

Color Splash is available now on the iTunes App Store for $1.99.

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