Might as Well Jump on the iBounce Trampoline

As Rompy Roo always says, “I get up, and nothing gets me down.” Alright, that was Van Halen, but you have to figure if a kangaroo gets down to any kind of music, it’s Halen. Kids can now get up with Rompy on the iBounce Trampoline from JumpSport. The trampoline itself is small and triangular, with a couple of safety handlebars that toddlers can hang on to while they’re bouncing around. The “i” part comes in the form of the optional tablet mount, turning the trampoline into a kind of treadmill-with-TV kind of activity for the little ones.

The bundle set comes with a Rompy Roo DVD, which is less than ideal for tablets, but the same content is available in eBook form for download. With the eBook version on the mounted tablet, kids can hop along with Rompy on his travels, which sounds like it could be a pretty good way for little ones to get exercise without getting bored, especially if you’re in a situation where it’s difficult to watch your kids if they go outside.

The JumpSport iBounce Kids Trampoline Bundle is selling for about $130, with free shipping. The bundle includes the trampoline, the tablet mount, and the Rompy Roo DVD. Time for your kids to get up. It’s good to see that the venerable trampoline hasn’t gone out of style.


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  1. i think padding would of been good on the bars as i can see younger children  breaking front teeth on that if they land wrong whilst bouncing.

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