Rainbow Brite Might Be Missing Her Kotori 201 Headphones

A world devoid of color – describes both the world of Rainbow Brite before her rise, and the world of headphones much of the time. The Kotori 201 Headphones break out of the standard grays, blacks, and whites in especially bright fashion. The headphones are decked out in metallic colors, and come in both blue-green-black and pink-yellow-purple-white color schemes. The insides aren’t too shabby either, with new neodymium magnets that reduce distortion and have a longer life-span. Bio-cellulose materials also contribute to reducing distortion, resulting in a clear presentation of your music.

That said, I’m not sure that above average sound and bright colors combine to make something worth $260, which is the sticker price on the Kotori 201 Headphones. But, if you have money burning a hole in your pocket and really dig those metallic colors, the headphones admittedly do look pretty stylish.

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