Lapiluv Turns Your Chest Into an Entertainment Center

Technology can be as isolating as it can be social. Today, there’s a real danger in kids not getting enough face time with parents, with everyone locked into their own gadgets. The makers of Lapiluv have designed a pretty clever solution that merges gadget playtime and bonding time with mother and child almost effortlessly.

The Lapiluv is a heavy apron stocked with slots for tablets and smartphones, in addition to the six developmental toys (and six link rings) come with the apron. The main draw, though, is making those gadgets wearable. The Lapiluv is reversible, with one side sporting the slots for smartphones, and the other holding a tablet computer. The idea is that kids can get in their playtime on the iPad or the smartphone while still being within arms’ reach of mom. Mother and child still get to spend quality time together, but both can still do their own things, if they want. That is, unless Junior starts getting a little too into the game, a scenario that might not end pleasantly for mom.

The idea to make gadget time a face-to-face experience between mother and child really is an inspired one. It’s nice to see fresh takes on how to make technology more social in a true, physical sense. The idea puts a whole new spin on educational apps, and should make the entire experience much more rewarding for the child. Who knew becoming a living, breathing entertainment center could be a good thing?



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