Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case Means Your Kids Can Chew on Your iPad 2

When the iPhone version of this was released last year, you had to figure this would come next. The Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case is a rubber, protective case for the iPad, ripe for toddler gnawing. Besides protecting your precious tablet, the case has a few rattlers to keep baby’s attention in case they lose interest in what’s on screen. Speaking of the screen, Fisher Price has parents covered there, literally – the case comes with a thin plastic cover to protect against drool and fingerprints. The case can be used as a stand and can be rolled around, too.

There are also free Fisher Price Laugh & Learn apps available for download. Of course, you don’t need the case to use those apps, but the extra protection won’t hurt. If baby is getting in playtime with the big kids’ toys these days, it might be a worthwhile investment. Then again, with the iPad 3 fast approaching (assuming it’s not the iPad 2S, of course), maybe it’s alright for baby to have his or her way with your prized tablet, after all. Easy come, easy go.

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