Hands-on with Oregon Scientific’s MEEP! Tablet for Kids

Amongst the slew of new tablets for kids that is being shown off at Toy Fair this week, Oregon Scientific has announced the MEEP! tablet for kids. This 7″ tablet packs in Wi-Fi and a tough design. In particular, it comes with an enhanced rubber silicon sleeve, and it’s prepared to handles drops and basic tumbles.

Under the hood, the MEEP! is running on Android 4.0, but the system is actually locked to a special U.I. that Oregon Scientific has created for the MEEP! tablet. This U.I. cleans up the traditionally cluttered Android menus system and replaces it with a more minimilist, cover-flow style driven user interface. Of-course some standard features out of the box, include the ability to play movies, read e-books, and listen to music. MEEP! also comes with special parental control software that doesn’t just let parents control what their kids are doing on their tablet, but it lets them monitor their kids tablet remotely from any web browser.

But perhaps what makes the MEEP! tablet stand out amongst the other tablets being announced for children, is all of the accessories that Oregon Scientific plans on releasing for it. They have a bunch of innovative accessories planned to compliment the MEEP!, and that includes a roll up piano accessory, a mic, drums, as well as a game pad accessory.

Pricing for the MEEP! tablet is TBD.

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