Monopoly and the Game of Life Get zAPPed with iPad and iPhone

Family game night just got a whole lot more interesting when you add the iPad or iPhone into the mix. Hasbro has just launched the zAPPed line of board games which will forever change how we play traditional board games like Monopoly, the Game of Life, and Battleship.

The first game to be released featuring this new technology is the Game Of Life zAPPed, which is available today. So how does it work? You simply download the Game of Life zAPPed App onto your iPad and place it in the center of the board. The app comes to ‘life’ when its time for each player to take a turn on the board. Peg people come to life as well as videos, which are courtesy “America’s Funniest Home Videos”, and they certainly add extra hilarity and fun to the whole family game night experience.

[nggallery id=945]

The app works in tandem with your moves on the board. So no matter what part of ‘life’ you are in on the game board, the app will play a video or react accordingly.

The Game of Life zAPPed is available on Amazon.com for $24.99. The Game of Life zAPPed app however, is available for free from the App Store.

Just like with the Game of Life zAPPed, MONOPOLY zAPPed, turns an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into a banking unit and will add and subtract money from virtual accounts with a simple tap of a special bank card on your iOS device. Chance and Community Chest cards are no longer cards to be misplaced, instead they are all on the app and come to life as you make your way through the game.  Trust us, you’ve never had this much fun getting out of jail! You can expect Monopoly zAPPed in stores in June.

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