Mugtuk Monster Case Review – the iPhone Case Kids Can Cuddle

We all love our iPhones. But it seems that our kids really love it! Do you cringe every time they grab it, worried it will go crashing to the ground?  The guys at Mugtuk have got you covered with their new line of plush monster cases. As they say, it will “Help romp-proof your Apple device from childlike enthusiasm!” Not a bad idea. These cases work with the iPod Touch as well as older iPhones, so they’ll be perfect for your kids when they get your hand-me-down devices

These cute, cuddly monster cases are like animated stuffed animals. They look and feel just like any ol’ stuffy, but when you slide your iPhone inside, the face comes alive with interactivity! There are currently 4 monsters to choose from (Bubba, Maggie, Tim and Charlie Belle), each face goes with its matching monster, though you can certainly mix-and-match. Soon they’ll be adding even more from the Mugtuk Farm edition.

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As for the case, it is basically a stuffed animal. The key difference being the clear plastic pocket in the front. You simply slide your phone in and pull the elastic strap around to the back. Your phone is now secure. This is one of the cleverest features of these cases. This elastic strap doubles as a way to securely hold on to it, making it less likely that it will be thrown across the room. There is even a slot at the top should you actually want to talk on the phone while using this case. Not too many people walking around talking into stuffed animals, you could be the first.

The app is of course free. Quite large though, over 120mb. This is due to the very nicely done animation for the faces. Three of the four monsters are accessible; the fourth can be unlocked by using the free code that comes with a purchase of a Mugtuk case. There are dozens of other ‘talking-critter’ apps on the App Store, but this one is among the best. Like many others, the monster responds to being poked in the eye and the mouth, etc. You can also gently rock them to sleep and at least one reacts to being upside-down. They say that more updates are scheduled in the months to come. Likely bringing more interactivity to the monsters.

And if your child already has a favorite ‘talking-critter’ app, it will only be cooler with one of these Mugtuk monster cases. But you should think of this as a case that will only work with this one app. Your child can play any game while your phone stays protected. So, even aside from their app, this case is really cool. Not to mention that this case can be a toy all on its own. Just have your child draw a face and slide it in the plastic pocket. You could even take a picture of their friends and ‘turn’ them into monsters!

The cases seem to be made well and they are really soft, and did I already mention cuddly? They have given an age range of 2 and up for these cases, due to the unlikely case of any of the fur coming off. But overall they seem quite safe and should hold up well.

The Mugtuk cases are available for $21 (incl. shipping), so go order one or two and bring some smiles to your child’s face.


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  1. These cases are absolutely adorable. Our four boys love the app too! My guys love grabbing my iPhone. ESP my 19 month old. He’d be tickled pink if it had one of these cases on it.

    Fantastic review!

  2. I really want these cases!!!! They are just the coolest, cutest things. My kids keep dreamily looking at them, they’ve already picked out their favourites. Great review of a much wanted item in our house!

  3. Great review. These cases are seriously cool. My kids would love these as they are very tactile and love anything soft and furry. It is a great idea and I am sure these cases will appeal to many

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