Nanodots Get Hulk-like in Size with Mega Nanodots

Nanodots are dangerously similar to the ever-popular Buckyballs, the rare earth magnetized balls. Dangerously similar perhaps, but equally as fun. Nanodots takes it to the next level by including puzzles with each set of dots. There are even a few accessories to complement these magnetized fun-dots as well as Mega Nanodots, which are marble-sized.

If you haven’t played with Nanodots or Buckyballs, they’re quite addicting. Each tiny ball is very magnetized. With practice and precision, you can use the magnets to construct some fabulous creations including, but most certainly not limited to, rings, bracelets, necklaces, shapes and creatures. Perhaps it’s hard to explain just why they’re so fun, but hasn’t that always been the appeal of magnets?

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Here at the International Toy Fair, we got to see some of the amazing fan-creations with just Nanodots. We can’t help but wonder how they pulled it off….and where on earth they acquired so many Nanodots (if it’s a sponsored event then we want in!).

We also got to play with Mega Nanodots for the first time, needless to say, they’re just as awesome. Mega Nanodots are 27 times the size of a regular Nanodot, marble-sized. It includes 20 puzzles and creations for beginners. They also allow you to experiment with kinetic vs magnetic energy. For example, drop a Mega Nanodot on top of a stack and watch the bottom magnet drop out from under, drop two onto the stack and watch the bottom two drop, and so on.

For now, the Nanodots choices are pretty simple: original, black, silver, or gold, in quantities of 64, 125, or 216 dots (you really can’t go wrong with any). Soon there will also be red, green, blue, black, white, and custom colors and quantities to choose from. Mega Nanodots are available in black, silver, or titanium spectra in 30 or 64 dot packages. Also soon-to-be-available from Nano Magnetics is the Nanopad, a flexible metal pad, built to allow you to get even more excessive/creative with Nanodots. Lastly, there’s also a Magnetic Field Splitter, which is especially cool. This credit card-sized MFS is designed not only to split apart Nanodots, but to actually view their magnetic fields in its natural artistic glory.

Nanodots aren’t exactly cheap, but they’re affordable for the amount of play you can get with them. They also make a great gift. You can get 216 of the Nanodots for about $30. Mega Nanodots start at $24.99 for the 30 count and $39.99 for the 64 count. The Nanopad costs as little as $18.79 and the MFV splitter costs $9.99.

Nano Magnetics warn that these magnets may cause excessive play, and they are not kidding around.


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  1. Nanodots are better than Buckyballs in every way, I wouldn’t consider them equals, but that’s just me.. then again I probably play with magnetic dots more than most ppl haha 😉

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