Nivio Brings European Desktops to the Cloud

Nivio, which recently launched in the United States, is bringing its cloud computing act to Europe, as announced at Mobile World Congress today. Nivio is made up of three separate functions that add up to effectively allow users to access their desktops from their mobile devices. First, the nDrive allows users to store their data on the cloud with up to 10 GB of storage free of charge. Next, nDesktop can be accessed, where users can rent access to Windows OS, Microsoft Office Suite, and other productivity apps. Finally, nApps, the app store, has a whole host of programs and apps that similarly can be rented by the month.

Initially, users will be able to take advantage of a 30-day free trial, after which they will need to pay €2 per month for children, students or academics and €5 per month for regular users. According to Nivio, that’s just for up to 10 hours of usage, which seems unreasonably low. Standard pricing for non-beta adopters will be €15 per month. All of those pricing schemes include 10 GB of storage on nDrive.

According to Nivio, the services will work on any iOS, Android, Mac, Windows or Linux device.

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