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About Two-Thirds of Britons Fear Losing Their Mobile Phones

And yes, that has a name now – nomophobia. First coined in 2008, nomophobia refers to the fear of finding oneself out of mobile contact. 1,000 employed people in the United Kingdom were surveyed, with two-thirds responding by saying they actively fear losing their phones. 41 percent of respondents had two phones as a safety valve. Women were more likely to fear losing their phones, at 70 percent, while men came in at 61 percent. As a possible explanation, men were more likely to have two phones, with 47 percent of males saying they carried around two phones, compared to 36 percent of females.

Unsurprisingly, 18-to-24 year olds were the most likely to fear losing their phones, followed by the 25-to-34 year old demographic, at 77 percent and 68 percent, respectively. The third most likely demographic to be nomophobic was the 55 and over cohort, which makes sense, given the fact that many carry phones in case of health emergencies or sudden injury, in addition to being concerned about staying in touch.

In another part of the survey, nearly half of all respondents said they would be upset if a partner snooped on their phones. 46 percent of people did not use a security device to protect their phones, which the study’s sponsor says needs addressing, especially considering that 58 percent of those surveyed used at least one phone for business use. Also, the sponsor of the study was SecurEnvoy, a company specializing in two-factor authentication security for mobile devices. So, there’s that. You can read more about the study here, but go ahead and load up on grains of salt before you do.

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