Opena iPhone 4S Case Review

At the sound of “Bottle Opener Case” I cringed for my iPhone; I figured it was just a quirky gimmick begging to destroy my iPhone. I was wrong. The Opena Case is a solid iPhone 4/4S case with nice protection, sturdy construction, and superior bottle opening skills. It even looks awesome.

The Opena Case (Australian for “Opener Case”) is the only iPhone case on the market with a slide-out bottle opener. The case itself is just one piece. The plastic enclosure is very tough and durable. With some pressure, iPhone snaps right in. All corners are covered with iPhone’s top and bottom ports completely exposed. There is a cutout for the volume buttons and the lock button. The lock button, headphone jack, and charging port are all very accessible while the lock button and toggle switch are recessed and trickier to access.

From the inside of the case you can see the slide-out bottle opener mechanism. There is a slot running down the back of the case where you use your finger to slide the opener out the bottom of the case. The finger hole beautifully lines up with the Apple logo, when recessed. When the opener is slid down the apple logo is again exposed. It’s a really neat design that highlights your Apple (as if people don’t know it’s an iPhone)

The bottle opener snaps securely into place when it’s recessed or extended out. When it’s extended, you can use your phone/case as leverage for opening those tight-lipped bottles. It works perfectly. When recessed, the bottle opener would never slide out on it’s own. The sliding mechanism is very sturdy and tough, as is the actual opener. This is apparent from just holding the case in-hand. It’s got a nice heft to it. It’s not an unreasonable amount of weight and it’s comfortable to hold. The raised contours in the back of the case gives it an ergonomic feel. Our only gripe with design is that the smooth plastic can be a bit slippery.

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The Opena Case definitely works as an everyday case… as well as an everyday bottle opener. From our experience, it puts iPhone in no harm (aside from all the drunk texting you may do). It provides suitable protection for your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S (all carriers), in a durable, comfortable, and trendy-looking package. We would, however, recommend using a screen protector as it doesn’t offer much protection to iPhone’s face. The Opena Case phone would surely be the life of the party, for better or for worse. It can be purchased from OpenaCase.com in black or white for $39.95 AUD (about $43 USD).

The Good: Comfortable, Durable, Well-Built, Sturdy Bottle Opener, Highlights Apple Logo, Looks Cool

The Bad: Volume and Vibrate Tricky to Access, Hefty, Not a lot of iPhone Face Protection

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