Turn Your Mouse Into a Pet, At Least Until You Have to Use It

The new Oppopet Wireless Optic Mice from Elecom aim to make computing a little more user-friendly in a different way – turning your mouse into a lovable pet. Well, kind of.

Each mouse comes with a different style of animal tail that makes them endearing on the go, at least. But, when you need to use it, you’ll find the tail is actually the USB dongle that connects to your laptop, leaving you with a pretty plain, standard wireless mouse. Still, credit for a fresh idea that makes USB dongles a little less boring, for what that’s worth. If nothing else, it’ll give you more motivation to make sure you don’t lose that tiny dongle when you’re moving from place to place.

The Oppopet Wireless Optic Mouse comes in eight different styles – fox orange, puppy gray, dolphin blue, kitty black, piggy pink, squirrel brown, chameleon green (regrettably with no mood-ring like color changing abilities), and rabbit white. They are selling on AudioCubes now for about $70 each.

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