iPad App of the Week: Passtouch Creates Multiple Secure Web Accounts on One iPad

Passtouch allows iPad users to create secure profiles that store all of their passwords – one password to rule them all. There’s been of a spate of apps with this functionality, but Passtouch has a different spin on the idea. Rather than a standard alphanumerical password, Passtouch has you set a touch password – by tracing a path between around various icons on the home screen, you create a personalized password that is much harder to crack. The downside is that it might be harder to remember at first, but once muscle memory takes over after a few practice runs, it shouldn’t be too big of a problem for most.

Additional features include full screen web browsing and multiple user accounts saved to the app. If you’re done using your account, there’s a one-click lock button that brings you back to the home screen and the password-entry interface. It’s a good way to have different passwords for your email, Facebook, bank, and other accounts while still only needing to memorize one password.

Passtouch is available now on the iTunes App Store for free.

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