Plants Vs. Zombies USB Lamp is Far From a Bright Idea

Why should Angry Birds be the only ones that get neat licensed merch? I mean they are not the only successful mobile game! Plants Vs. Zombies is pretty popular too, but until now it has been pretty low-key about any merchandise tie-ins.

This latest piece of junk…. I mean gadget, is probably not even officially licensed from Plants Vs. Zombies since the name has been flipped to Zombies VS. Plants. So what is it exactly? Well it’s a lamp that features the characters from the game and it turns on and off when you place a plastic zombie in front of a plant. Obviously there is some type of motion detection or trigger that activates this feature.

The device works via USB and probably won’t light anything more than your hand. But I’ll give it props for being unique. That said I would probably spend my $15 bucks on something more useful. Check out the video below for how the Zombies VS Plants Lamp works in real-life. And one last tip… the actual game is a lot more fun.

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