BlackBerry App of the Week: Pro Football Insider for the Committed NFL Fan

Football stats, scores, and standings aren’t hard to find. The Internet is awash in sports news sites dedicated to compiling those on a weekly basis. Up-to-date insider information for the die-hard fan? Not as easy (at least, not unless you want to pony up for subscriptions like ESPN Insider). Pro Football Insider delivers, keeping users updated on news, rumors, and roster changes all year long (the games may end in February, but football never ends).

If you’re a big Twitter fan, the app includes integrated access to some of the most popular feeds from players, coaches, and analysts (which are terrific sources of unintentional comedy, at the very least). Unfortunately, the upper crust of the information this app has to offer is still only available to those who have a premium account with developers Pro Football Weekly. You can check out the pricing options here, if you are interested.

Pro Football Insider is available now for free on BlackBerry App World.

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