Sphero Can Finally Be Yours

sphero lg Sphero Can Finally Be Yours

First seen at last year’s CES, Sphero, the remote controlled ball controlled by a smartphone app, is finally available for sale. A few apps are available that use the Sphero ball, including a golf app and a racing app. Sphero only becomes uniquely fun when you alter your environment to make things interesting. Sphero by itself isn’t terribly interesting – most of the games would be easier and more fun to play without the ball. But, create an obstacle course or a putting green in the office or garage, get a few people who have Sphero together, and things could get interesting. Friends can race their Spheros against each other by tilting and moving their smartphones to control the balls’ movements.

You can change Sphero’s color at any time, or switch it to camera mode, which allows you to use your mobile device to snap a picture of the Sphero while you still have control over it with your device. Another app allows you to trace a path on your device, which Sphero will follow, as long as you don’t run it into a wall or something.

Right now, Sphero is only compatible with iOS and Android devices, and costs $130 on Dynamism’s website.