The Studio 5.3 Takes on the Samsung Galaxy Note

It seems like yesterday when things were simple, with Apple, Samsung, HTC, and RIM pretty much running the smartphone show. Not so now, as tech companies have been coming out of the woodwork to show off their cutting-edge smartphones ready to compete on the big stage. The latest newcomer we’ve seen is BLU, which just announced the BLU Studio 5.3, a hybrid smartphone-tablet device in the same vein as the original Galaxy Note, albeit sans stylus.

The Studio 5.3 sports a WVGA LCD screen. It’s only powered by an 800 MHz MediaTek MT6573T processor, though the POWERVR Series5 SGX GPU inside helps the phone to run the kind of 3D graphics that you’d expect to see on a high-end smartphone. For the bleeding-edge, though, you’ll still want to look elsewhere. For network speeds, the Studio 5.3 is only compatible with HSDPA 3G. The Studio 5.3 will run Android 2.3 Gingerbread out of the box. It is unknown whether or not an Ice Cream Sandwich update will be available at any point.

The price point is attractive, though, at about $269 for an unlocked version when it hits stores sometime in March. There is a version of the Studio 5.3 out now that is powered by a 650 MHz processor. As one last bit of good news, all versions of the phone are Dual-SIM phones, which should make phone bills for owners a little lighter.

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