5 Things That Will Get You Through Super Bowl XLVI

It’s not a national holiday, but at this point, that might only be because it falls on Sunday – any other day, and it would probably turn into the biggest call-in-sick day of the year. Super Bowl XLVI is coming up this Sunday, which is cause for more celebration than usual this year – six months ago today, the NFL was still mired in a lockout that could very well have killed football altogether this year. Can you imagine a year without a Super Bowl? Alright, we’d probably all live. Still, the Super Bowl has become as much of a tradition in the United States as any other holiday. We have the halftime show, still suffering from prolonged decay of Janet Jackson fallout in the atmosphere, a slew of high-priced commercials that somehow make most of the viewing public forget for a day how much they loathe commercials, and, most importantly, the championship football game that has produced some incredibly riveting games in the past decade. For proof of that, look no further than the last time the Giants and Patriots met on the big stage a few years ago. In a few days, those two teams will meet in Indianapolis, and you’ll probably meet with some good friends on a couch somewhere to watch it. Here’s a few things to get the viewer at home and the people going to the big game through Super Bowl XLVI in style.

Tailgate Party Essentials

Unfortunately, Super Bowl time is also a reminder that tax time is rapidly approaching – the polar opposite of the good times the Super Bowl brings. So, while you’re celebrating one of your favorite days of the year, be sure to let the IRS know what you think of your least favorite day of the year. Stock your bathroom with rolls of this 1040 Tax Form Toilet Paper, and flush the negativity down the drain one sheet at a time. Between the game, the commercials, the pre-game show, the pre-pre-game show, the post-game show, the trophy presentation, and the halftime show, the only challenge will be figuring out when to actually go to the bathroom.

Take the Super Bowl with You

If you’re a football fan, in front of the television is the only place you should be this Sunday. If, for whatever unfortunate reason, you need to be elsewhere this year, you’re in luck – the Super Bowl is officially going mobile for the first time ever. Verizon subscribers can download the NFL Mobile App, which costs $10/month to use. A little steep, but it’s worth it when you consider this – full, streaming video of Super Bowl XLVI this Sunday. Just try not to crash into anyone if you need to walk and watch at the same time.

(Temporary) Super Bowl Shopping

Breaking records and the Super Bowl usually go hand-in-hand, but records in the realm of shopping aren’t typically included. That changes this year, with the largest ever temporary retail shopping store being erected in Indianapolis. The store is a Super Bowl-sized 25,000 square feet, and has been made for Lids, which appropriately decided to garnish the place with a massive sculpture built out of the baseball caps that are the lifeblood of the company. In addition to shopping, the store includes attractions like the Legends Zone, the Ultimate Man Cave (think Bed, Bath, and Beyond for guys), and the Madden Gaming Area. The temporary store opened for business on January 27th, and will be open until next Monday.

Find the Best Super Bowl Party!

If you’re heading to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl this year, chances are you’re not just going to be there for a day – after all, a spectacle such as this generates the best parties. Where are the hottest parties and events taking place in Indianapolis? Check out the Super Bowl XLVI Event Finder from iGoDigital, which will point you in the right direction. The browser app gives you a questionnaire that will determine your interests, and give you a list of Super Bowl events in Indianapolis that should be right up your alley. Check it out here.

Remember the Best Rematch in NFL History

Super Bowl XLVI between the Giants and Patriots will be just the sixth rematch in Super Bowl history, and, given what transpired in the first meeting four years ago, this one could very well be the most dramatic. Super Bowl XLII was a game for the ages, with the Giants stunning the Patriots to end the Patriots’ chance at a perfect, 19-0 season. With legendary plays like David Tyree’s unbelievable helmet catch (thrown by an Eli Manning who avoided being manhandled by about three Patriot defenders earlier in the play), XLII’s place in history is secure. That practically guarantees the same for the rematch, as the Patriots look to exact revenge. Once the action is over, you can check out the official Super Bowl XLVI Commemorative App, which will be complete with game breakdown, stats, pictures, video highlights, and post-game interviews. Bonus content includes all-time all-star teams and tons of Super Bowl history. The app is available now for the iPad and Android phones for $2.99.


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