Team Coco Tablet App Brings Twice the Conan Every Night

If you couldn’t get enough Conan O’Brien before, good news. If you’re a tablet owner, you’re about to get a double dose of the orange-haired wonder. The Team Coco app is now available for free for Android and iOS, and will sync up with the nightly show to provide bonus content.

Syncing with the show is handled by audio recognition technology, which I’m guessing means the app will still function even if you’re watching a recording. There might be some live content that you’ll miss out on, though, like Facebook and Twitter feeds. For every show, 25 pieces of bonus content are promised, including video clips, live billboard comments, photos, slide shows, guest background information, polls, quizzes, trivia, quotes, and those Facebook and Twitter feeds.

For the first three months, the app will be sponsored exclusively by AT&T, which means you can also expect a healthy dose of AT&T advertising campaigns in many forms.

Conan’s been struggling in the ratings (though things have picked up as of late), so maybe a little “techno-magic,” as Conan refers to it, will be just the thing he needs to get things going.

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