Tic Tac Augmentated Reality App Gives Your Smartphone Fresh Breath

The makers of Tic Tacs want to shake up your life with their new augmented reality campaign, Shake It Up, rife with mini-games and fun facts. This breath of fresh air for your smartphone rewards you with all kinds of goodies when you use the free Tic Tac Viewr App to view Tic Tac ads in print and out in the wild. The fun facts are supposed to snap you out of the doldrums (who knew most people were partial to only one side of the bed?) and shake it up, hence the name.

The mini games put the emphasis on mini, dishing out bare-bones fare like Tic Tac Tibby, where you shoot Tic Tacs into the mouth of an on-screen character (who amounts to a giant head). Tic Tacs are also getting the Times Square treatment, with a giant ad that smartphone users can scan to create a personalized billboard ad with their own face that they can share with friends.

Keep an eye out for the new ads, but as for shaking it up, well – nothing against Tic Tacs, but if you’re looking to a breath mint marketing campaign to provide a little variety in your life, you might need to shake it up a bit.

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  1. There are too many ads for apple products, not everyone likes apple products, and I would much rather see ads for Android products when reading articles about Android.

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