The Toasted Bread iPhone Cases Look Good Enough to Eat

Doesn’t this bread look delicious? And it has a cute little bear on it to boot. No, this isn’t one of those face-of-Jesus-on-a-piece-of-toast moments, but there are some interesting faces in these soft silicone iPhone 4/4S cases from WOWCase.The four cases are labeled as Bear A, Bear B, Chick A, and Chick B, which is fascinating, because that’s not just some bear and some chick in that toast. That bear would be Rilakkuma, the face of a massively popular brand of merchandise in Japan and Taiwan that has been making inroads in the United States lately. The chick is Rilakkuma’s friend, Kiiroitori, a fellow character from the series of books and the popular merchandise line.

So, what are Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori doing gracing these iPhone cases? Given that the Rilakkuma brand isn’t mentioned on the product pages, I’d say that’s a question worth asking. If you want to score some questionable Rilakkuma swag on the cheap, the cases are far from expensive, at $13.28. Granted, the low price only raises more red flags – sure, it’s possible that WOWCase has something worked out with Rilakkuma, but the idea of WOWCase not using the brand name of the fifth-most popular character in Japan strikes me as unlikely.

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