I Don’t Know Why This Helicopter Can Fly Upside Down, But It Can

Then again, I guess toy shop Hammacher Schlemmer doesn’t claim to offer the unexpected for nothing. This remote-controlled helicopter is much like any other medium-to-high-end toy helicopter you’ll see except for one big difference – you can detach the rotors, invert them, and fly the helicopter upside-down. There is no performance lost as a result of the switch, so you’ll still have good up/down and left/right movement.

So, why does this exist? I’m not sure, but it does, and if you want to attract some raised eyebrows around the neighborhood, you can purchase the upside down helicopter from Hammacher Schlemmer’s website for about $80. A 50 minute charge only provides seven minutes of flight time, though, which seems awfully short. The helicopter has a rechargeable battery, and the whole thing requires 6 AA batteries to operate, which are likely for the remote control.

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