Win a Barbie Dream Closet Gift Bag!

Barbie, the world’s most famous fashion icon, is unveiling her larger-than-life Dream Closet at Lincoln Center for a one-of-a-kind experience during New York Fashion Week on friday. Fans will be transported into her fantastical pink world where augmented-reality mirrors will allow girls to try out Barbie’s many outfits, from career to couture.  For the unveiling of her Dream Closet, Barbie will be hosting a one-of-a-kind experience, bringing her endless closet to life. Some of the hottest names in fashion will be the first to walk the pink carpet and be transported inside Barbie’s world.

We know that not all Barbie’s friends can make it out to New York Fashion Week, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t win some Barbie schwag from the event! We’re giving away a highly-exclusive and very limited gift bag from the unveiling event.

The gift bag includes:

  • A beautiful Barbie branded bag for adult shoes and a mini bag with Barbie shoes
  • I Can Be Fashion Designer doll
  • Design & Dress Studio Doll (Barbie doll with dress, 4 flat fashions, 2 plastic stencils, 1 holographic sticker sheet, 3 marker pens, 1 pair of shoes and necklace)
  • Barbie Magazine (current issue)
  • Barbie Tee-shirt

And don’t forget to check back this weekend for our full coverage from the event!

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  1. Barbie is so great, she has been part of my life for over 20 years from me playing to my daughters now loving Barbie. Would love to win this

  2. I grew up playing with Barbie and absolutely loved these times.  I remember my Aunt and Grandma making me special clothes for my dolls.  Now my daughter loves playing with Barbies.  Thanks so much.

  3. I love Barbie because she reminds me of my fun childhood!  And now my daughter and my niece LOVES their Barbies..and my old ones that I saved for them.  I still love to sit and play make believe with them 😉

  4. I remember my first Barbie house with the paper walls that my sister and I had to share.  She got upset one day and ripped all the cardboard and all that was left were the columns.

  5. My youngest daughter just loves playing with her Barbies.  She loves doing their hair and changing their clothes.  Thank you!

  6. I’ve loved Barbie ever since I was a little girl and now my granddaughter loves Barbie too!
    I love Barbie for many reasons, she’s pretty, fashionable, she’s fun, and you can make her be whatever you want, from a model, to a Dr. or a Mom. What girl doesn’t love Barbie!!
    Sarahjd766 at yahoo dot com

  7. I love Barbie because I grew up with her in the fashion world, and thanks to her I started to love and love shopping!

  8. I absolutely love Barbie!! I collect Barbies and Barbie things! She was my favorite toy as a little girl and I never stop loving her!! Barbie forever!

  9. I love Barbie because she is timeless. She changes with every generation from styles to careers so that all little girls can relate to her and grow up with her as well.

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