Win the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone in Magenta!

The Nokia Lumia 800 has made quite the splash over the past few months, and now you can win one for yourself! We’re giving away an unlocked Nokia Lumia 800. And it gets better because the model we’re giving away isn’t just unlocked, but it’s also the Magenta version of the Lumia 800 which has been very hard to come by in the U.S.

The Nokia Lumia 800 is Nokia’s first smartphone to come running Windows Phone 7.5. With its 3.7″ ClearBlack AMOLED display and its complimenting matte polycarbonate body, this is one super slick smartphone that is a total change of pace from all the other stereotypical smartphones which tend to look a like. The Lumia 800 also packs in a 1.4GHz single-core Qualcomm processor with 512mb of ram and 16GB of on-board storage, as well as a 8MP Carl Zeiss lens with f2.2 aperture optics, auto focus and 720p video recording. With the People Hub’s live updates right on the start screen, you can keep up-to-date with the people you care about most through your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., all with a single glance. The integrated social experience built around your most important contacts gives you the ability to group contacts, track conversations across communications channels, pin contacts and groups to the start screen, and send a message to an entire group with one click.

In addition, thousands of apps are available through the Windows Phone Marketplace, and the phone provides access to signature Nokia experiences, such as Nokia Drive with free turn-by-turn navigation. And to complete your mobile experience, you can pair it with the matching Nokia Purity In-Ear Headsets by Monster designed to deliver incredible sound from your Lumia 800. You can check out our full review of the Nokia Lumia 800 here.

Want to win the Nokia Lumia 800 for yourself? Go ahead and enter to win below! Multiple entries are accepted, so go ahead because there are plenty of chances to win!

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  1. I’m a real big Nokia Fan…I’m 20 and already had 4 Nokias…they’ve been great most of the time!

  2. Wow! Let me count the reasons…I LOVE the color, love that it’s the smartest smart phone out there b/c it comes with Windows Phone 7.5 running, it’s a Nokia which means it’s well made, the People Hub’s live updates & most of all…it’s really hot looking!!!

  3. This is one of the best looking smartphone lineup from microsoft and it looks way better than iPhone.  It is not only beautiful but also comes with free voice activated navigation and Nokia music.  I wish if this was available to buy unlocked in US market.

  4. looks like an awesome master piece from Nokia. I will love to have on in my pocket and would love to enjoy windows experience i a phone. In addition luminia comes with 1.4 Ghz processor which will make operation superfast.

  5. My favorite companies are Nokia and Microsoft I only use Windows OS and Nokia devices.  This is because nothing beats them.  Together they must really be great.  I don’t get subsidized phones I buy them from Nokia which isn’t possible right now.  Microsoft and Nokia only have options to go through T-Mobile right now for the Lumia 710 only.  I have an N8 now bought unlocked from Nokia.  So I am left without a Nokia Windows phone for now but I must have one just waiting for the unlocked US models since I will be paying full price!!! 

  6. I Lumia 800 because my girlfriend would flip out if I was able to give her this bad boy.  We’ve both loved the 800 since Nokia first showed it off….the design is AMAZING.

  7. My first several phones were Nokia, they were the most intuitive and had the best user friendly interface. I really need a new phone, and NOKIA looked great at CES!

  8. i am extremely obsessed with the design and functionality of all my Nokia phones. When i first heard about nokia teaming up with windows i couldn’t believe it. Just the thought of owning one is so amazing. I want a lumia phone so bad. I can’t wait till the day i get my first nokia lumia device. I’ve got my n8 for now 😀

  9. I am a Nokia owner since the last 10 years. My first phone was a Nokia, my current phone is a Nokia. As I am used with the Symbian OS(currently using Nokia Belle on N8) I would also love to try WP7 as long as I can also have the quality of a Nokia phone.


  10. This form of contests is nothing more then a massive follow her, follow him, give your info, tweet this, facebook that. Basically they all work together to gather your info and spam everyone to get followers. you are better off waiting till LG has a direct contest. Alot less spamming to your friends and alot less spam in your in box.RAFLECOPTER stuff stay away!

  11. I am working for a retail company who sells lots of phones in a day and i can say this with honesty that in my time selling phones and that is over 22 years that this is the phone i recommend to all my customers,the reason for that is because i am a proud owner of one and i rely on NOKIA,it is trustworthy,good quality with the littles repair percentage and when there is a problem it offers good quality super fast after sales services to the concumer.And with this said i will put my name down with pleasure and my email adress for anyone to see,because i am a proud NOKIA user.From:Adriaan Du Plessis

  12. Nokia phones, what not to like. Its been hear for years and now touch screen and slides come to the plate beating almost everyone that comes in it’s path. Plus its a name brand phone that last long by experience.  

  13. I really despise having to pay more money to AT&T to get another Windows phone. When I win, they will still get more of my blood.

  14. I want this because I’ve heard lots of good things about WP7.5.

    BTW, you need to fix the tweet that the widget generates.

  15. I still have a tracphone – I can’t even text.  I need this phone to get back into this century  

  16. I would love to have the phone since I would like to be able to seamlessly use my MS Word and Excel documents on my computer and have them also on the phone.

  17. I would love to win this phone bc Nokia is a reliable brand and Id love to be able to access the internet in one easy place. The phone I currently have is also semi-broken. the screen turns white so it takes a while to make a call lol

    Amanda S

  18. I’ve heard great things about the Lumia.  My best friend is a big techie, and he raves about it.  

  19. I’m currently shopping around for a new phone, and I love that it has Windows, WIFI, and a touch screen. I’d love to win in time for my birthday in 3 weeks! Thanks! 🙂

  20. Would love to win this because my phone is falling apart! And this Nokia looks really sharp. Love the People Hub concept.

  21. I love phones. I always have a new one every 6 months. I work so much I live on my phone. I always need a reliable one and Nokia has always been reliable for me. This phone looks super awesome!!!!

  22. Nokia was my first cell phone and it was fantastic and easy to use. My husband now has a Nokia and I really need to upgrade my current Samsung phone…I can’t use it for anything but making calls and I want to be able to access my social media and email with my phone when I’m not home. And MAGENTA>>>WOW!!! My favorite color 😉

  23. I admit, I do have a shallow preference for the color & spacious screen. But from a different standpoint, I currently own a Samsung i937 running Mango & it’s not meshing well with me. I want to see what Nokia is bringing into the game.

  24. I love the Nokia build quality. The integration of their hardware and Windows Phone is brilliant. Can’t wait for the 900.  Quick note that the auto tweet entry is for a Samsung Focus S. Another great phone. 🙂

  25. I want a Magenta Lumia 800 because Valentine’s Day has passed.. but I did not have a proper gift for my special someone… if I’m able to have this phone + a part time job, this year will be a perfect year.

  26. you entered my consciousness Nokia Lumia 800 and linger for long,
    will it just be a fantasy miss Helena Stone?
    i drown in every glimpse of your features,
    your design, your app that gives me so much pleasure.
    my heart beats faster,
    my throat got dry
    and my soul swelled into its full form,
    that washes me over like a summer thunderstorm…

  27. I love Nokia brand cell phones and I love that its a windows phone and it would be great to have a new phone

  28. I need a phone so bad. My friends and coworkers laugh at my cellasaurus. Its back from the days when flip phones were brand new, needless to say the phone is now far from new lol.

  29. This would make a nice gift for my wife. She needs a new phone to bring her out of the dark ages.

    sweepsking35 at yahoodotcom

  30. I want it, because I have a crappy phone. I have always wanted a phone like this one!

    itsjustme62613 at

  31. I want a Nokia Lumia 800 so that I can stay in touch and engaged in life is so many ways.

  32. It’d be perfect for scheduling my busy life.  I’m also in desperate need of a new phone… my current one is from 2005.

  33. I would love to win because this phone has great features and I have never owned a smart phone.

  34. having and owning a Lumia phone would be a great help in my study. Only windows and nokia is the one brand to trust. they have the needed essential in our daily living.. So I want to experience the feel of Lumia in my own hands. 🙂

  35. The phone I have now the screen locks up for no reason.  I have to pull the battery to get it to come on again.

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