Windows Phone App of the Week: Glympse Peeks Onto Windows Phones

Glympse, originally for Android phones, is now available on Windows Phones, and brings the same functionality as the Android app. The app is simple – users set up a Glympse, or a time frame wherein designated contacts can view the user’s movements via GPS. Access to the Glympse is strictly limited to that time frame, so if you use the app, you automatically go dark again once the time limit that you set is up. It could be a handy app for keeping track of kids, or proving to your boss that you really are late because you got stuck in traffic. You can also use the app to send information about your speed, destination, and ETA.

There are some inconvenient limitations to the app, though. This version of Glympse is incapable of streaming your location from the background, so the app will need to be running for the entirety of that time frame you set. Also, if you receive a Glympse for someone else using the app, you’ll have to copy and paste the entire URL into the text box. Though it is nice that recipients of Glympses can use a web browser to view them, rather than needing the app itself, Glympse uses Flash, which means those who have machines that are not Flash compatible (*cough* Apple owners *cough*) will be out of luck.

Glympse is available now on the Windows Phone Marketplace for free.

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  1. Thanks Chance, Good article. One clarification: While glympse does render in Flash on PCs/Macs, it will also work on any mobile phone with a browser using HTML.

    Also, as soon as WinPhone7 allows background processing. Glympse will run in the background like it does on Android, iPhone, and Blackberry.

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