Amazon and Delta Join the Mile High Club

The best news, which has been true for some time, is that over 800 Delta aircraft are equipped with Wi-Fi access, which makes long flights at least a little more bearable. Granted, there is a caveat – the Wi-Fi isn’t the best kind (free). Starting now, you actually can access that Wi-Fi service for free, but only if you’re heading over to do some shopping at 30,000 feet in the Amazon store.

Customers on Delta flights will soon be able to access Amazon.com directly from the Delta Connect web portal for access to everything Amazon has to offer, which isn’t a bad deal if you forgot to load up a new eBook on your device before you rushed out of the house.

The Amazon deal is part of Delta’s efforts to become the United States’ most tech-friendly airline. That’s becoming increasingly important, as many international airlines have been leaving United States-based airlines in the dust in that category lately. Individual fliers will have their own entertainment options, while a heaping helping of comfort and entertainment upgrades will be heading towards Business and First Class fliers. Now, the only question is how many movies can you pack into your next cross-country flight.

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