WEVE Got a LEED Certified Bamboo iPad Case

ipad bamboo

Shrapnel Design aims to make a mark in the professional world with a portfolio-style iPad case made from LEED certified bamboo. Whether or not they can do that with a very pricey offering is less clear.

The WEVE iPad and iPad 2 cases is made from LEED certified bamboo, which guarantees top-notch strength and durability, and sustainable cork. The case has three panels, which allows for several different standing positions depending on the user’s need at the time. The entire case is actually crafted from a single sheet of bamboo, taking advantage of the flexibility of the materials.

The bad news? Sounds like there aren’t any available for the new iPad. On top of that, the WEVE iPad and iPad 2 cases cost $149, which is brutal for a case. It’s a nice case/stand hybrid, but $149 is awfully steep for just that, no matter how nice the materials are.