ColorWare Gets Iridescent With Illusion Beats Studios

ColorWare is bringing its stylistic skills to Beats By Dre with the special edition Illusion Beats. The otherwise standard pair of Beats come in three different iridescent color schemes.  If you recall ColorWare loves their ever-growing collection of customizable Beats headphones and this is just a continuation of that colorful collaboration. Remember the Beats by Dr. Dre Chrome?The blue to red Beats are sprinkled with hints of purple and copper, the red to gold Beats offer hints of orange, gold, and maroon, and the gold to silver Beats are showered with silvery blue and green.

Unfortunately, these Beats are as ridiculously priced as they are ridiculously good looking. If you’re planning on copping a pair of Illusion Beats, you had better be prepared to part ways with one grand. The headphones are available now on ColorWare’s website for $1,000, and come with a black Ultrasuede (I don’t know how that’s different from suede, if it is at all) carrying case.

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