Crux360 Transforms Your New iPad into an Ultrabook

We’ve seen plenty of new iPad cases hitting stores, but the Crux360 might be the most versatile of them all – at least, until the next iPad case we see.

The Crux360 in laptop mode resembles an ultrabook, with a sleek keyboard that is easily paired to the iPad, we imagine by Bluetooth. Put the keyboard face down, and you can use the case as a hinged stand for movie watching, though it’s not exactly clear why or if that set-up is any better than laptop mode for movie watching. I guess four modes does sound more exciting than three modes.

The other modes are tablet mode, which will definitely add to the thickness of the new iPad, and carry mode, allowing for easy transport by closing up like a laptop. Tablet mode will suffer from more thickness – there’s no way to detach the keyboard from the case.

Truth be told, four modes is probably just adspeak. The name explains the product better, especially the 360 part. The hinge on the case means you can open and close the case full circle – 360 degrees.

Lest we forget, there is one final feature. The window cover is an extra piece that can be removed from the back of the case. The only function of the window cover is to reveal or cover the Apple logo, which is only important if you can’t bear the thought of using your new iPad in public without everyone around you knowing that you are an iPad user.

The Crux360 case for the new iPad costs $150. It is available for pre-order now, and will ship on May 12th.

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