Prime Minister David Cameron Needs £20,000 iPad App To Run the UK

They might both be conservatives, but we’re guessing there might be a disagreement between British Prime Minister David Cameron and the Iron Lady over this one. David Cameron having an iPad? No problem. It’s probably a great help in keeping him abreast of the pressing issues of the day. David Cameron having an app custom-made for him that cost £20,000 of public money to develop? Problematic.

To be fair, the app, which will act as Cameron’s “management dashboard,” will perform some PM-specific functions that will probably make his job a lot easier. Given the state of the economy in the United Kingdom and the world at large, it’s probably for the best that his job gets streamlined as much as possible – the man has his work cut out for him.

Specifically, the app will deliver statistics and data from polling, unemployment figures, NHS waiting lists, and financial markets in real-time. Additionally, the app will give the PM news feeds from Google, Twitter, and other sites – something I’m pretty sure a free app or two could do easily.

The app will supposedly be available for other MPs to use in the future, though I have a feeling that a public release is unlikely. Meanwhile, when Cameron is not using his new app to figure out how to fix his country, the admitted iPad enthusiast will be enjoying a round of Angry Birds, every level of which the prime minister claims to have completed. Before you get red in the face yourself, just remember – all work and no play makes Jack (or David) a dull boy.

Via the Daily Mail

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