FieldCandy Tents Look So Delicious, a Bear Will Eat it

It’s getting warm outside, the sun is shining, and the bugs are starting to bite your exposed skin. So you know what that means? It’s time for camping season to begin. I’m not a big fan of camping at all, but if I was camping out in a cool tent, I might just reconsider. Remember the VW Camper Tent? Well, Firebox is one-upping that tent with a whole new collection of quirky tents. These latest tents are called FieldCandy, and boy are they delicious looking… literally.

One tent is designed to look like a slice of watermelon, and another looks like a stacked sandwich. There is also a tent styled to look like the American Flag, and even a book. What, there is no tent covered in Apps?

So sure, these tents are far from being techie, but they are absolutely adorable, and may even convince someone like me who hates bugs and plants, to try my hand at camping.

The catch? The FieldCandy tents don’t come cheap and cost £495.00 ($785 USD). Who says camping isn’t pricey…

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