GameStop Denies Paraplegic Man And His Horse Named Princess Video Games

When you hear the term “assistance animal,” you might reasonably picture something along the lines of a seeing-eye dog. It’s good to know those canines don’t have that market cornered, after all.

Downey, CA resident Jose Estrada is paraplegic and filing lawsuits against GameStop, as well as Marshalls, after both stores denied Estrada and his assistance animal access last month. That assistance animal happens to be a miniature horse named Princess, which is responsible for pulling his wheelchair. Estrada, who claims he suffers from “overuse syndrome of the elbows, shoulders, and wrists,” is seeking $4,000 from each store in damages.

It’s hard to blame the store employees too much – chances are most people in that situation wouldn’t know exactly how to handle something like a miniature horse. I feel like that’s not in the training manual. Still, Estrada might have a case – Princess has been trained by a certified professional specifically for the purpose of pulling Estrada’s wheelchair.

Hopefully, everyone involved can just take this one as a learning situation and move on without too much in the way of hurt feelings. Besides, cruising around GameStop might not have been the greatest experience – if memory serves, those are some tight aisles for a horse, no matter how miniature, to navigate. Plus, I hear that horses really hate it when you try to make them pre-order things.

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