Android App of the Week: Kick Kony’s Ass Manages to Completely Miss the Point

It’s a free app, which saves it from being totally contemptible, but it’s still probably safe to say that Kick Kony’s Ass isn’t exactly in good taste.

The new Android app is a simple tapping application – Kony’s face appears full-screen, and tapping different areas will result in different punches or kicks. Developer Iconosys suggests people outraged by Kony’s now well-known atrocities in Uganda can take out their frustrations in effigy. That’s nice, but it sure feels like anyone involved in creating this app must not understand the gravity of the situation. The idea of a United States citizen playing around with a smartphone app in response to real suffering in Uganda highlights the gulf in understanding between the two sides more clearly than the missteps of the Kony 2012 campaign managed to do.

Iconosys has said they will donate all net profits made from the app to charities like the World Children’s Fund, but since the app is free, it’s unclear what that will mean in practice. Most likely, that means ad revenue. One this is for sure, it might be an App that Jason Russell is tempted to play.

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