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This Will Probably Be Your Only Chance to Dress Lady Gaga

Becoming her stylist, sadly, is a lofty dream most will never realize. Now, you can at least meet your dream halfway (maybe a quarter of the way) with the Lady Gaga Dress-Up Paperdolls book. The book includes two paper Gaga dolls and 40 pieces of classic Gaga attire, which includes outfits, hairstyles, and accessories. Pretty much all of the time-honored favorites are here, from the telephone hat to the meat suit, though I’m not sure who, exactly, wants to relive the meat suit saga.

The Lady Gaga Dress-Up Paperdolls book is selling on FredFlare now for $10.95. Finally, you can continue your bad romance with Lady Gaga in the closest way to personal it’s probably going to get.

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