Logitech UE Air Speakers Are Ready to AirPlay

The Logitech UE Air Speaker has arrived to make use of Apple’s AirPlay service, allowing users to stream music from their Apple devices to the speakers using a Wi-Fi network.

Using the speakers, users can stream music from mobile Apple devices or from iTunes over their home Wi-Fi network. It’s the best of both worlds – the mobility that a Bluetooth connection would otherwise allow combined with the superior sound quality of a hard connection. Granted, Apple’s AAC files aren’t necessarily known for being audiophile friendly, but for the mainstream user the improvement in sound quality from a Bluetooth connection should be appreciable.

Is that improvement worth the $400 asking price? Probably not by itself, but the Logitech UE Air Speaker isn’t your average iPod/iPhone external speaker. This rig comes with dual tweeters and subwoofers in addition to AirPlay compatibility. $400 is still a little pricey, but all told, that’s not a bad haul if you can afford it.

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