iPad App of the Week: Mass Effect Charges Onto the iPad in Time for Mass Effect 3

If you’re a part of the avid gaming crowd, you probably already know that the highly anticipated Mass Effect 3 is only a few days away. After the big day comes, and you have to be away from your PC or console for whatever dreadful reason, don’t worry – you can have your fix on the go with Mass Effect: Infiltrator.

Rather than focusing on Commander Shepard, players will control Randall Ezno, a soldier for Cerberus. That would put him at odds with the good commander, seeing as how his employers are none too pleased with Shepard after the events of Mass Effect 2. Ezno starts to have second thoughts about his allegiances, and that’s where the game picks up.

Gameplay is centered around gun battles similar to those found in Mass Effect 2, but with the emphasis on using cover that will play a greater role in Mass Effect 3. Special gravity-distorting grenades will take the place of the biotic powers you would normally find in a Mass Effect title. There isn’t too much in the way of the branching storyline moments that the series has become known for, but they aren’t non-existent, either.

Happily, BioWare has confirmed that the game, though it can impact the story of Mass Effect 3, won’t be required to achieve Mass Effect 3’s best ending, which probably would have had more than a few of the series’ fans up in arms. Some might not be happy to know that Mass Effect: Infiltrator can unlock special items in Mass Effect 3, but that happens to be the case.

Mass Effect: Infiltrator should be released at the same time as Mass Effect 3, on March 6th. No word on price yet, but for a major series tie-in that looks like it’s going to bring solid gameplay to the table for a mobile game, expect it to be a little north of what you usually expect an app to cost.