Miniot Smart Cover for the New iPad Gets An Upgrade, the Mark Two

Ours being the consumer culture it is, a new toy like an iPad means one thing – tons of new accessories coming out of the woodwork. The Miniot Smart Cover takes that literally, offering up a cover/stand hybrid made of wood for the new iPad.

Updating the previous version for the iPad 2, the Miniot Cover Mark Two is also made of real wood and has magnetic elements that keep the cover on securely when closed. Those magnetics will also serve to put the new iPad to sleep and wake it up when the cover is closed and opened, respectively. The bottom of the cover is lined with ultrasuede microfabric, so it won’t scuff up the iPad’s cherished Retina display.

Those magnetics also allow for the case to be used as a stand. When rolled up, the iPad can be stood up at various viewing angles, so you can adjust it to best fit the situation. Sounds like a pretty solid pick if you’re a new iPad owner.

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