NetZero Offers Prepaid 4G Mobile Broadband Service

Remember NetZero? The ISP went from being a free ISP to a paid one, several years back. And now they are launching a prepaid 4G Mobile Broadband Service. The company is now offering up both a NetZero 4G HotSpot or a NetZero 4G Stick. Pricing is very competitive, as the Stick costs just $49.99 and the Hotspot costs $99. There are no commitment plans required.

They are even offering 200MB a month for free, which is limited to Lightspeed, and for the first year only. Lightspeed is what NetZero is describing as download speeds up to 1Mbps. While WarpSpeed is what they say provides download speeds of up to 10Mbps. Then they have four plans – a Basic plan for $9.95 with 500MB (limited to Lightspeed), a Plus plan for $19.95 with 1GB, a Pro plan for $34.95, with 2GB and a Platinum plan for $49.95 with 4GB.

According to Engadget, NetZero 4G is actually using WiMAX, and we can’t say that that is a good thing, as WiMAX coverage can be quite flakey, even in cities where coverage is available. So while the pricing is competitive, if you’re looking for a prepaid mobile broadband with better coverage, or faster speeds, you might want to check out Virgin Mobile or an offering from one of the big carriers.

Update: NetZero has told us that te 200MB and 500MB plans are defaulted to Lightspeed, but not limited to Lightspeed.