Nokia Color Covers Review for Lumia 710

Way back when the Nokia Lumia 710 was first announced, Nokia said that they would also be producing special color covers for the device. Well those color covers have finally arrived state-side. We got to try out the cyan and magenta color covers, and boy, do they POP! These particular colors seem to match the cyan and magenta versions of the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900.

One thing we noticed though with these color covers, as opposed to the black color cover that came with our white Lumia 710, is that the black cover has a soft-touch finish. But besides for that difference, the covers all seem well made. And they really do add flare to the Lumia 710, helping make its design stand out from most other smartphones. It also makes the Lumia design seem a bit retro, but in a good way.

At the moment there are four color covers to choose from – yellow, magenta, cyan, and white. I have fond memories of dressing up my Nokia 8910 and other Nokia handsets in faceplates. So I hope that Nokia comes out with more color options and designs. We’re also curious to see if any after-market color covers will start popping up, the way they did with Nokia face-plates of yore.

And if you purchased a Lumia 710 from T-Mobile between January 11th and March 31st, 2012, than you can even head over to www.nokiacolorcover.com and pick up one for free.

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Update: Nokia has extended the offer for a free color cover through the end of April

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