The New OStylus Dot is Ready For Your New iPad (Review)

Are you looking for a new stylus for your New iPad? With all the different designs to choose from, how do you decide? The innovative design of the new oStylus Dot offers a comfortable, precision writing instrument.

At first glance it may look a bit like a surgical tool, but it’s surprising how natural it feels when writing on the iPad. The design is very similar to the original oStylus we reviewed last year. The design’s intention is to alleviate the biggest drawback to writing or drawing on the iPad. That is, not being able to see the point where the stylus touches the screen. To that end they have tweaked their initial design. Rather than having a flat ring with a hole in the center, they have opted for a small circular base. This small circular pad is held by two thin wires that extend out from the base of the stylus. This allows the base to pivot so that you can comfortably write at any angle. Additionally, these thin wires also allow you to see the writing surface much easier than a traditional stylus. This design change also reduces the size of the contact area. The original being 1 cm (7/16″) and the new Dot only being .6 cm (1/4″).

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The construction is very solid. The handle is aluminum, the contact dot is stainless steel and the wires holding the dot are titanium. So despite the fragile appearance, you’d have to try pretty hard to bend or break this stylus. And don’t be concerned about writing on your beautiful iPad screen with a metal stylus. There is a small vinyl sticker on the contact surface, so that there’s no possibility of scratching the screen. However, if you use a screen protector, such as Zagg’s invisibleShield, you may want to remove the vinyl sticker since it causes too much resistance and makes writing difficult. But on the bare screen of the iPad the stylus glides nicely, making writing or drawing quite enjoyable.

Their first design is still available, and may be a good choice if you want pinpoint accuracy with a drawing app. However, I found that this new stylus is still very good for drawing. And would be a great choice for an all around stylus. I definitely like it better the than the traditional rubber tipped stylus. They aren’t bad, but the tips tend to wear out after a few months of use. And some other stylus designs force you to hold it at a particular angle. The relative freedom to hold the oStylus Dot at any angle takes a lot of the frustration out of using a stylus.

Despite Apple’s idea that you don’t need a stylus for the iPad, many of us do prefer it. And if you have been disappointed with other stylus designs, give the O-Stylus Dot a try, you won’t be disappointed. You can order it now for $37.50, not a bad price for quality writing instrument that will last you for a long time.

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