Painted Tunes Headphones Come in a Paint Tube Package – No Brushes Required

Painted Tunes High-Performance Headphones are not your standard fare of in-ear headphones. For starters, they come in a paint tube package that doubles as carrying case, hence their name. They also feature a flat tangle-free chord, and a customizable fit ear-bud that makes them stable and comfy while exercising. Three sets of silicone ear cups are included for a perfect fit and maximum noise-isolation.

Last, but not least, these headphones cost just $19.99, but despite their super cheap price tag, they promise to sound as good as headphones that cost over $100. That is a hard promise to keep, so we plan on putting them to the challenge with a full review soon. In the meanwhile, you can pick a pair up for $19.99 at Amazon, in a choice of red, green, blue, white or black.

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