Your Clothing is About to Get its Own Social Network with Soci@ble Apparel

Soci@ble Apparel is the brainchild of blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa, his manager Roy Weisman, and Manuel Oliver, a well-traveled, jack-of-all-trades artist from Venezuela. Together, they’ve created a clothing line aimed at celebrating music, art, and social media.

The idea behind the clothing line isn’t really to create a new network. Soci@ble Apparel will use existing social media like YouTube and Facebook to tell the story behind the piece of clothing you’re wearing – short documentaries about the artwork and artists behind the T-shirts. Each piece of clothing will also have its own QR code and webpage, offering up more information about your clothing.

The clothing line will still be seasonally-based, but a T-shirt that goes out of season will never become unavailable. All pieces of clothing released in the Soci@ble Apparel line will be perpetually available for anyone interested.

Soci@ble Apparel is also looking for social media “experts” to help popularize their clothes – people the company identifies as trend-setters or connectors in the social media sphere. All things considered, that’s a pretty solid plan for any start-up. Can’t deny the importance of popularity on Facebook.

The first release in the Soci@ble Apparel line, called Tribut Apparel, will be available soon. It sounds like the website should be up and running, but as of the writing of this post, the website is down. Hopefully that changes soon, so we can actually get a look at the art behind the newest social enterprise.

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