Sony Tablet P First Impressions

It has been many months since Sony first showed of their Tablet P, an Android tablet with a very un-tablet like design. Well, the Tablet P is finally available to purchase and we got to spend some hands on time with it, and here are our first impressions.

Right off the bat we were surprised to discover that the device does seem smaller in person than it looked to us in pictures, and that is a good thing.  That said, size-wise, the Tablet P is hardly pocket friendly, but it is very purse friendly. And with it’s dual-screen clam-shell design, the Tablet P has the potential to be the fashionista’s Android tablet.  Plus, we can’t help but pick up the Tablet P and think that it screams purse clutch! If there was ever a tablet you would take out for a night out on the town, the Tablet P is it. To that effect, we would love to see some skins or cases to accessorize it with.

Inside the Sony Tablet P you’ll find two 5.5″ screens, each with a 1024 x 800 resolution. These are no retina displays, but the displays are sharp, plenty bright and produce vivid colors.

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The device is ready to play Sony’s Music and Video Unlimited services and games for PS Certified devices. But to really take advantage of these two displays, Sony is developing special apps which utilize both screens. They already have over 40 such apps especially designed for the P. For example, there is a DJ app which lets you access turn-tables from the lower display.  And don’t knock the clam-shell design before you give it a chance. After all, the similar dual-screen clam-shell design of the Nintendo DS has unleashed so much innovation for games, so there is strong potential for app developers to come out with some very unique apps and games for the Tablet P.

Overall, while we do think it will be a struggle to convince people that they want a clam-shell form-factor in a tablet, we have to give Sony credit for thinking outside of the box. Pretty much every other Android tablet on the market looks like the same old drab slate, but the Tablet P has a retro-chic gadget vibe going for it.

The Sony Tablet P retails for $549.99 and comes with built-in 4G HSPA+ support for AT&T.

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