Spotify Becomes Even More Addictive With the Launch of 12 New Spotify Apps

That Spotify API is being put to very good use. We’ve already seen a glut of Spotify apps hitting app stores. Now, you can get ready for another fresh batch of one dozen.

A good chunk of that dozen is coming from various record labels, offering up their music and extra features to fans. Def Jam, Domino, Matador, [PIAS], and Warner Music Group are all releasing Spotify apps, which will provide artist playlists, lyrics, and extra information and features about the artists signed to respective labels. Granted, record labels are probably not the preferred way to browse for and listen to music by most, so take from those apps what you will. I would imagine an app restricted to just one record label’s artists would not suit those looking to pull in music from all kinds of artists and genres, though frequent updates on tour and live show dates could warrant some interest.

TweetVine is a pretty neat idea, taking all tunes posted on Twitter with the hashtag #NowPlaying and combining them into one playlist. Hot or Not pits two songs against each other, asking you to pick your preference. Songs with the highest point totals will get featured, and users can earn special rewards through their participation.

Digster is a full-screen music player good for parties, while Filtr will integrate with Facebook to let users build playlists based on their friends’ preferences and favorite songs.

The Complete Collection supplies digital album booklets along with historical information about artists from today and yesterday, while The Legacy Of does the same for classic artists of yesteryear, throwing in high-res photos for good measure. Or, you can go back even further in time with Classify, which organizes a comprehensive library of classical music for your listening pleasure.

So, if you’re a Spotify premium user, check them out. There’s a dozen, so it’s a good bet that at least one will catch your ear.

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